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Arena MG

Arena Marian Gaborik
Marian Gaborik is the first Slovak sportsman who invested more than 50 million Slovak crowns (SKK) in building the ice - hockey stadium. For such a deed a man needs not only determination but also a big great love for hockey and foremost the sense of sacrificing himself to others.

At first it was just a dream, but in July 2004 the foundation stone of the building was laid. Since July 1st 2005 it has served Trencin sportsmen, the public, as well as foreign hockey teams.

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The ice-rink timetable

Download the ice-rink timetable here. The telephone numbers to reserve the ice-rink:
032 / 744 53 25
0915 864 490
0905 608 749


+421 32 7445 325
+421 915 864 490