Hockey school for Amateurs

Hokejová škola Mariána Gáboríka - popis kempu


Hockey school for amateurs is geared for those who are aged over 18 years and want to experience the “real hockey week” under the supervision of professional trainers hockey.

Hokejová škola Mariána Gáboríka - popis kempu

The training process

During six days of training will be a rich program focusing on the development of skating technique, improve and stick techniques, firing and demonstrate the basic hockey combinations. Of course, the daily regeneration whether in the form of active recovery or regenerated and gain the necessary forces for the next day at evening gatherings common.

Hokejová škola Mariána Gáboríka - ubytovanie kempu


Accommodation for participants hockey school for amateurs will be provided directly to the Arena on the Hotel of Marián Gáborík. There are two double rooms with a bathroom in the room. Each room has an LCD TV and WiFi Internet access. Food will be provided by the full board.


A1: 04.08. – 10.08.2019


499 Eur – for new participants

Discounts for you if

449 Eur – were already 1 time

269 Eur – without accommodation and board

The price includes:

  • 7 hockey days
  • personals evening with receptions
  • Once the first and the last day will undergo one training
  • 6 x accommodation in hotels Marian Gaborik + full board and drinking programme
  • 2 x on-ice training items a day
  • 1 až 2 x off-ice training items
  • passive and active regeneration
  • a training jersey with the hockey school logo
  • advice when buying equipment
  • discount on purchase in the hockey shop

Each participant must meet the following conditions:

  • Age over 18 years
  • Skating basics
  • When training on the ice must have full hockey equipment

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