Registration of weekend school 2021

Víkendová škola Mariána Gáboríka - Tréningový proces

The price includes:

  • 2 hockey days
  • 4–6 coaches on ice
  • Skating technique (using the outer and inner blade edges, effective use of take-off/sliding, transfering weight onto the right and left skate, lowering and rising the centre of gravity)
  • Power skating (increasing power and mobility)
  • Agility (skating with frequent changes of movement)
  • Acceleration (increasing speed)
  • Pivoting (turns and half-turns forwards/backwards)
  • Improving individual player skills (static stick handling, puck driving in movement, shooting, passing, deflection)
  • Lecture + video analysis
  • Dryland training designed do develop physical and mobility skills

Not included in the price:

  • accommodation


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W1: 03.04. – 04.04.2021

W2: 17.04. – 18.04.2021

W3: 24.04. – 25.04.2021

W4: 01.05. – 02.05.2021

W5: 08.05. – 09.05.2021

W6: 15.05. – 16.05.2021

W7: 22.05. – 23.05.2021

W8: 29.05. – 30.05.2021

W9: 05.06. – 06.06.2021

W10: 12.06. – 13.06.2021

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We hereby guarantee that our child is capable in terms of health condition to attend the summer ice-hockey school and we are fully aware of his health condition and we have informed the school administrators about all health problems. Damage caused intentionally will be discussed with the parents and the injured party and will be covered by the parents to the extend stated by the owner or the keeper of the damaged facility.

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