Registrácia hokejových kempov

Registration of hockey school 2021

Hokejová škola Mariána Gáboríka

The price includes:

  • 7 hockey days
  • 6 x accomodation + full board and drinking programme
  • two on-ice training items a day
  • one or two off-ice training items
  • one goaltender training supervised by a qualified tutor
  • passive and active regeneration
  • a meeting with invited NHL players
  • a training jersey with the hockey school logo
  • all-day qualified guidance
  • spare time programme between and after trainings
  • ice-hockey English basic course
  • group photo with Marian

Not included in the price:

  • The possibility to arrange a lift for participants and their parents from the airport and back
  • The possibility to arrange accomodation for parents and relatives
  • The possibility to rent a car
Accommodation can be booked through our hotel’s website.

If you book only one camp you will be considered new registrant. If you book more than one camps, the second one will be discounted (since you already attended one camp) , if you book three the third one will be discounted more since you attended 2 previous camps.

Example of price calculation of registration for 3 terms:

1. term – 419 Eur – new participant

2. term – 399 Eur – were already 1 time

3. term – 379 Eur – were already 2 time or more


Altogether you pay: 1 197 Eur

1 Camp
2 Participant
3 Representative
4 Sumary
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If you would like to take advantage of our multiple visit discount please enter variable symbol for any previous years!

Discout were already 1 time.

Discout were already 2 time.

Information about the participant camp

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Register to hockey school of Marián Gáborík

Information check and registration. After registering you will receive an email confirming your registration.

Did you pick your term:

S1: 04.07. – 10.07.2021

S2: 11.07. – 17.07.2021

S3: 18.07. – 24.07.2021

S4: 25.07. – 31.07.2021

S5: 01.08. – 07.08.2021

Hockey camp will welcome:








Year of birth: [FIELD18]

Height: [FIELD25] CM

Weight: [FIELD26] KG

Home club: [FIELD30]

Jersey size: [FIELD29]

Post: [FIELD31]

Number of siblings:


Parent or legal representative:


Cell phone: [FIELD35]

Email: [FIELD36]


We hereby guarantee that our child is capable in terms of health condition to attend the summer ice-hockey school and we are fully aware of his health condition and we have informed the school administrators about all health problems. Damage caused intentionally will be discussed with the parents and the injured party and will be covered by the parents to the extend stated by the owner or the keeper of the damaged facility.

Price calculation

If paid in full by December 31st 2020 we offer 5% discount.

Christmas promotion

Price: [field167] Eur

Christmas promotion 5%: - [field167/100*5] Eur

Your price with discount: [field167-(field167/100*5)] Eur

Price: [field167] Eur

Method of payment:

You will receive registration confirmation to make a payment within 7 days. Registration can be cancelled up to 4 weeks before the camp starts, otherwise your deposit is non refundable. Deposit of 200 euro is non refundable. It can be applied towards other hockey camps.

Personal data

Confirming registration is only possible if both spots are checked.

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