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Handing over the small ice stadium of Marian Gaborik, on 31 August 2005, called MG Ring in Hodzova street in Trenčín, its investor and founder Marian Gaborik has fulfilled a great dream of improving training conditions for young hockey players in Trenčín.

This first big step was followed by another one - the establishment of the Foundation of Marian Gaborik, which was registered at the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic on 22 December 2004, to support sport for children and youth. It generally supports the use of their leisure with a focus on prevention of drug addiction and with a specific focus of creating the material and financial assistance to young talented hockey players.

The Foundation defines the means by which it intends to achieve the above objectives by supporting:

1. specialized sport classes of primary and secondary schools;
2. searching for sport talents in ice hockey;
3. professional guidance for young talented sportspeople;
4. talented young sportspeople by providing financial contributions for the sport equipment, trainings and costs connected with participation in sporting events;
5. promotion of young talented sportsmen externally;
6. sporting events aimed at the development of children and youth;
7. sport activities development projects

Download the complete chronicle of activities in 2006 here.

Download the Collaboration with SPP Foundation 29.3.2007here.


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