Meet and greet with Marcel Hossa for the kids at 5th camp

Also the last meet and greet in the last camp was during the middle of seminar with mental coach. Taking pictures Begun around a 6.45pm. Parents were invited as well and they also took some pictures and got some signatures.

After taking pictures Marian was able to give a quick interview to TV Markiza. Some pictures can be found on Marian Fan Page.

And after interview it all begun. Marian along with marcel started to pass along autographs.

The parents also took group pictures with the stars.

Marian and Marcel were signing all kinds of things like books, hockey sticks, hats, bottles, gloves, pictures on backs as well.

More videos can be found on our youtube Hockey school of Marian Gaborik Youtube videos Hockey school of Marian Gaborik.

All pictures can be found in appropriate album on Facebook.