Hockey school for amateurs 2017

Amateur hockey school is designed for hockey fanatics 18 years of age and older. All registered players met on Sunday at 1.30pm. At 2pm they were officially welcomed by organizers and coaches who explained the schedule for the whole week. Nikolas Sturmankin, Marian Jakab, Roman Tvrdon were coaches of the amateur team which has 13 players and Michal Dovina was in charge of two goalies.

There was practice scheduled for the day of their arrival on the ice and outside as well. They all introduced themselves and coaches were able to see their hockey abilities.

Amateurs also attended seminar with certified mental coach Michal Kopcan. Michal same as during kids camp explained how to work with thoughts and feelings. He used his personal experiences from his sport career as an example.

They also practice twice a day on the ice and outside. Nikolas Sturmankin as a head coach and Roman Tvrdon along with Marian Jakab as his assistant were in charge of individual practices. At first they tried shooting with Roman Tvrdon. The other group practiced passing the puck between players and continuing towards the net. Later on they switched stations.

There are 2 goalies in the amateur’s camp. Michal Dovina professional goalie is in charge of them just like in the kids camps.

Attila Batky who has experience from Olympic Games 2004 and 2008 was in charge of practice outside the ice rink.

Amateurs had scheduled 2 regular games (Tuesday and Thursday) with all bells and whistles. Their opposite team was local amateur team who also get to practice at the Arena. The game was 2 x 25 minutes. Amateurs got to try real power skating according to coaches instructions. Break was 10 minutes with coaches in the locker room where they pointed out mistakes made during the game. Pictures are from the Thursday’s game August 10th, 2017.

Power skating of amateur team was just like before regular game.

Coaches meeting right before the game.

Beginning of the game, first half ended with close win of the opposite team 3-2.

9 goals were scored in the second half of the game. Amateurs tied the game 3-3 but shortly after that the opposite team got to lead 5-3.

Amateurs were able to tie the game, even get into the lead 5-6 with interesting goals. This was their only lead during the whole game. Local team from Trencin didn’t disappoint and at the end won against team of amateurs from Russia, Austria, Poland, Czech republic and Slovakia 8-6.

After the game they did more individual shootouts.

End of the game hand shaking with the opponent and group photo.

15 person amateur group finished our Hockey season: Hockey school for amateurs.

More videos can be found on our youtube Hockey school of Marian Gaborik Youtube videos Hockey school of Marian Gaborik.

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