Hockey school - After-season camp

After-season camp

Hokejová škola Mariána Gáboríka - popis kempu


We have prepared an after-season training-regeneration camp for all those, who need to recover from the demanding season. You will be offered a six-day rich training programme aimed at skating technique improvement as well as development and improvement of individual player skills, including active regeneration.

All the training process will be set up in a playful form (competitions, mini matches, and so on) and all the participants have a lot to look forward to!!

Hokejová škola Mariána Gáboríka - popis kempu

The training process

The training process on ice and also off ice will take place in the area of MG RINK. The gym, fitness gym and also a new-built sporting area with artificial grass and athletic track near MG RINK will be available during the off-ice trainings. Active regeneration at the city indoor swimming hall in Trenčín will be an essential part of a one-week training session.

Hokejová škola Mariána Gáboríka - ubytovanie kempu


Accommodation for participants will be provided Hotel of Marian Gaborik. There are two double rooms with a bathroom in the room. Each room has an LCD TV and WiFi Internet access. Food will be provided by the full board.


C1: 18.04. – 23.04.2019


329 Eur – For new participants

Discounts for you if

299 Eur – were already 1 time

289 Eur – siblings (1 Person)

The price includes:

  • 6 hockey days
  • 5 x accomodation + full board and drinking programme
  • two on-ice training items a day
  • one or two off-ice training items
  • one goaltender training under the supervision of qualified tutor guidance a day
  • passive and active regeneration
  • a training jersey with the hockey school logo
  • all-day qualified guidance
  • spare time programme between and after trainings
  • ice-hockey English basic course

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