5th camp, youngest kids at last practices

Marian Jakab has been the head coach for the youngest group this year. Milos Melicherik was his assistant in the last camp. Milos is 3x winner of Slovak extra league. He also played for English Guilford Flames where he played 11 seasons. Team executives offered him an assistant job and he is also is charge of youth group of above mentioned team.

Kids from blue group are the first ones at practice on ice and then they move on to the practice outside. They practiced Powerskating at individual stations and coach explained to them how the practice will take place after that.

Kids were separated into 4 stations. They improved skating, holding the puck on the stick with skating between obstacles and finishing in the net.

To improve skating coaches put together a fun game of tag around nets.

There are two goalies in the blue group. Just like in the previous groups Michal Dovina was their coach.

Group photo of blue group with physical coaches.

Video from practice outside playing tug of war with their coaches.

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